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Consulate General of India, Geneva

Visa Services provided by the Consulate General of India


Visa services in the Consulate General of India, Geneva are rendered only to those residing in the Cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Valais and Neauchatél of Switzerland.






All visa applicants are advised to contact India Visa Application centre located at 70 Rue Du Lausanne 1202 Geneva or visit its website or our website for details on submitting of visa applications and mode of payment of visa fees"


Kindly note the following prior to applying for visa

  • Applicants living in French speaking part of Switzerland (Geneva, Neuchatel, Valais and Vaud Cantons) can apply at above Visa centre in Geneva. Applicants living in other parts of Switzerland can apply only at Embassy of India, Bern.
  • Applicants living in France, even if staying in regions immediately surrounding Geneva can only apply in Indian Missions in France. OR Visa application centre LYON at Immeuble Danci B21 Avenue George Pompidou LYON Cedex . Nearest metro station is LYON Part Disc.
  • The diplomatic / official / UN passport holders may also submit their visa application to Consulate General of India Geneva directly after having filled in available forms at website , 2 photographs of 5 cms X 5 cms size and original passports with note verbale
  • Determining the duration of validity of each visa to be issued and number of places to be allowed will be entirely at the discretion of the Consulate General of India. Applicants who wish to seek a longer duration visa shall first consult the Consulate General before depositing their fees, as fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • Visas are valid from the date of issue of visa and the Consulate General will not entertain requests for retaining the passports in the Mission and issue visas at a later date to suit the travel requirements. Applicants are expected to file applications keeping the above in view
  • Right of issue of visa rests with the Consulate General of India. Receipt of application and fees does not necessarily ensure grant of visa.
  • Even if a visa is issued, the authority to grant entry into India at the port of arrival entirely rests with the immigration authorities.
  • It will be the responsibility of the applicant to check if correct particulars are entered in the visa, including name, type and duration of visa, passport number etc. on receipt of the visa before traveling
  • Passports accompanying visa applications must have a minimum validity of six months and atleast two blank pages.
  • Those attending Conferences, visiting India for Research, Studies etc. should consult the Consulate General before applying.
  • Applicants seeking to visit restricted / protected areas should consult the official of Consulate General.
  • Change of purpose of visit is strictly prohibited. Applicants are encouraged to obtain the correct and appropriate visa before traveling.
  • VF (Services) has been prescribed to charge CHF 6.80 (Including Taxes) per visa application, over and above normal visa fees prescribed by CGI, Geneva


India Visa application centre, Geneva
VF Services (UK) Ltd Swiss Branch
Rue due Lausanne 70
 1202 Geneva

Hours of Operations:

Application Submission: 0830 – 1400 Hrs
Collection of Passports: 1600 – 1730 Hrs
Contact Phone Number: 022-73-103-72
VFS Call Centre: 0900000018

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