Resolution on situation of Human Rights in Myanmar Statement by India


25TH SESSION (03-28 MARCH 2014)

Resolution on situation of Human Rights in Myanmar 

Statement by India


Mr. President,


1. Myanmar’s cooperation with the UN and its human rights mechanisms have been exemplary.  During the Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in Myanmar last week, most countries echoed his assessment that Myanmar’s cooperation “represents a good example of how States can progress on human rights through engagement with the international community as envisioned in the United Nations Charter”.


Mr. President,


2.We believe that the international community should continue to engage constructively with the people and the Government of Myanmar to support the process of change and reforms and render assistance as requested by the country. In this regard, the opening of a country office of the Office High Commissioner of Human Rights in Myanmar should be based on mutually acceptable terms. We believe that this Office  should focus on technical assistance and cooperation.


Mr. President,


3.The initiatives on Myanmar launched in 1992 initially under the Commission of Human Rights and subsequently extended under the HRC have substantially achieved their intended objectives. Given Myanmar’s strong commitment at the highest level to reform at the highest level, and its cooperation with Special Procedures, India is not in favour of keeping Myanmar in the agenda of the Human Rights Council.


I thank you. Mr. President.




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