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25th session of the
3-28 March 2014


Resolution on Mandate renewal of Special Rapportuer on Human Rights Defenders

India’s EOV after the Vote



Mr. President,

1.India fully supports the renewal of the mandate of the SR. We had the opportunity to welcome the SR to our country and had constructive dialogue with the SR.


2. We would have liked this to be truly a procedural resolution. However, we regret to note that the core-group has moved towards expanding the scope of the resolution. They have not accommodated our proposals, which were intended to bring balance in the text and make it a wholesome resolution.


3. We believe that the Resolution should take into account the framework within which Human rights defenders operate, which is that of national legislation   as given in article 3 of the Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promoteand Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. There is no doubt that States have the primaryresponsibility for the promotion and protection of human rights. States do so within the framework of their own national legislations and their international human rights obligations.  Human Rights Defenders also have the duty to abide by these legislations in carrying out their activities. These were sought to be reflected in the draft resolution appropriately through the amendments that India supported. 


4. Moreover, we believe that UN agenciescannot be assigned additional responsibilities by this Council, especially those that deviate and deflect them from their primary mandates, without first assessing its implications on their functioning and core activities.


Mr. President,


5. While we support the extension of mandate of theSpecial rapporteur, we would like to underline the above reservations of our delegation.

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