Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on Myanmar , Statement by India (17 March 2014)



25TH SESSION (03-28 MARCH 2014)

Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on Myanmar

(17 March 2014)

Statement by India



Mr. President,


We thank the Special Rapporteur for his report. We appreciate the work done by Mr. Quintana and thank him for his efforts over the past six years on his mandate.


Mr. President,


2. The Special Rapporteur,has informed that he has“seen significant changes in Myanmar that have brought important improvements to the human rights situation”. Indeed, the progress towards political reforms and democratization in Myanmar today is truly worth commending. As a neighbour of Myanmar with whom we share historical and cultural ties, India has consistently emphasized the need to expedite political reform and establish democratic institutions.Myanmar’s efforts towards an inclusive and broad-based national reconciliation and its progress on human rights are also truly praiseworthy. In this connection, it is significant that the Special Rapporteurhas concluded that“there is limited space for backtracking.” 


3. Myanmar needs further encouragement and support for developing its democratic institutions.  We should also encourage it to further develop necessary capacities to address human rights issues. The Government of Myanmar has been engaging with UN mechanisms in a cooperative manner. The Special Rapporteur has himself praised the cooperation extended by the Government of Myanmar to his mandateby saying “that this cooperation represents a good example of how States can progress on human rights through engagement with the international community as envisioned in the United Nations Charter”.


4. We believe that the international community should engage more constructively with the people and the Government of Myanmar to support the process of change and reforms and render assistance as requested by the country.The initiatives on Myanmar launched in 1992 initially under the Commission of Human Rights and subsequently extended under the HRC have substantially achieved their intended objectives. Given Myanmar’s strong commitment to reform at the highest level,and its cooperation with  Special Procedures, India is not in favour of any further  country-specific initiatives against Myanmar in the Human Rights Council orin the United Nations General Assembly.


5. Before concluding, allow me Mr. President, to draw attention to the concerns that have been expressed with regard to a possible “conflict of interest” in the case of the current Special Rapporteur. It is in the fitness of things that this matter is clarified and the Council is informed about its compatibility with the terms and conditions of appointment of Special Rapporteurs. 


I thank you. Mr.President.



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