Statement by India at the 103rd IOM Council, on Agenda Item 11 - IOM role in the post-2015 UN Development Agenda, delivered by Ms. Nabanita Chakrabarti, Second Secretary (Political), 29 November 2013



103rd International Organization for Migration

(26-29 November 2013)

Statement by India



Agenda Item 11:- Migration and the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda


1. India is happy to join the consensus on the adoption of the resolution (MC/L/1233/Rev.1/Corr.1). We, however, have concerns on the process of consideration of the resolution.  While the other two resolutions that this Council adopted, have been extensively deliberated upon over months, this resolution was circulated only towards the end of the day on 21 November which left with only two working days for consultations.

Mr. Chair,

2. In order to be able to give due attention that a resolution deserves, it would be useful to have it circulated well in advance allowing sufficient time for consultations. By holding consultations during the regular Council proceedings, smaller delegations were prevented from participating fruitfully in the plenary discussions. Such a situation is best avoided.

3. We engaged constructively in the discussions of this resolution in view of the highest regard we have for the organization and in appreciation of the work that it is doing.
Thank you.




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