Statement of the Indian Delegation in the IGC
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WIPO General Assembly 2013

Statement of the Indian Delegation in the IGC


Madame Chair,

India assigns great importance to the work of the IGC in developing legally binding instrument(s) for providing effective protection to Traditional Knowledge Genetic Resources and Traditional Cultural Expressions. While India has taken a number of steps at the national level to create a legislative and an administrative framework that protect our knowledge and genetic resource, transboundary misappropriation of the resource and knowledge remains unaddressed.


We need to develop common norms to address the issue of misappropriation of the traditional resource in an international context. India, therefore, looks at the work of the IGC as being essential for developing an international regime on the subject.


Having said this, Madam Chair, the Indian delegation would also like to state that considerable work has already been done in the IGC and substantial progress has been achieved in developing the texts of the three international legal instruments. According to us the texts have reached a fair level of maturity and further movement towards a Diplomatic Conference could have been possible.


The past few days has seen extensive deliberations among member States in arriving at a mandate for the IGC. We appreciate the spirit of accommodation and flexibility shown by member States. The Indian delegation has also shown a high degree of flexibility in this process. While India supports the mandate given to the IGC, we would urge the member States to constructively engage in the IGC process with a view to finalize the International Legal texts for holding a Diplomatic Conference in the biennium 2014-15.


India remains committed to contributing to the work of the IGC.


Thank you.



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