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Intervention by India on Agenda 11-Program Performance Report


Madame Chair,


The Program Performance Report is a major tool for Member States to follow and evaluate the activities of the Organization during 2012. The program performance report was a subject of considerable discussion in the Program and Budget Committee meeting in July. Programme Performance Report for 2012, was discussed and approved by the Member States as a self assessment report for 2012 by the Secretariat and incorporating all the suggested changes and comments made during the discussion.


India supports the recommendation of the Program and Budget Committee that the program performance report should be “subject to the comments, concerns and suggestions for improvement raised by Member States” and that these should be reflected in the PPR document itself as an Annex.


We note the activities undertaken under Program 18 i.e IP and Global Challenges in 2012. This program is directly concerned with critical issues of health, food security and Climate Change.


We have expressed our concerns in the past regarding the programme, as there is no discussion taking place in any of the WIPO Committees on the nature and content of this programme. The reporting by the Division to the Member States on its activities does not seem to be sufficient and we would like to have a proper discussion at one of the WIPO Committees in this regard. This would enable Member States to periodically update themselves on the work begin undertaken by WIPO in this area, to guide the Program where required, and to benefit from the Program output for use in the national context, wherever possible.


We would, therefore, urge that the Global Challenges Division report to the member States in a relevant Inter governmental committee such as the Standing Committee on Patents and the Committee for Development of Intellectual property.


Thank you.



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