Consulate General of India (Geneva) - Passport Fees

(Schedule of Passport fee w.e.f. 27-06-2014)


Fee should be deposited in UBS Account no. 240-401506.03D (IBAN NO. CH16 0024 0240 4015 0603 D) of Permanent Mission of India , Through online bank transfer only, Bank charges to be borne by applicant/ other mode of payments are not acceptable. Service would be rendered after confirmation to be borne by applicant.


S.No Description Fees in CHF

a) Ordinary Passport with 10 years validity (36 pages).

b) Ordinary Passport with 5 years validity (36 pages).

(For minor children)



2 Ordinary Passport with 10 years validity (60 pages). 93.00
3 Additional endorsement or other miscellaneous service on ordinary passport. 27.00
4 Duplicate Passport containing 36 pages in lieu of Ordinary passport lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed.(Include Affidavit Charges) 250.00
5 Duplicate passport containing 60 pages in lieu of lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed passport. 251.00
6 Emergency Certificate.(Include Affidavit Charges) 38.00
7 Certificate of Identity with maximum validity of 10 years. 42.00
8 Certificate of Identity Renewal. 17.00
9 Additional endorsement or Miscellaneous services on an Emergency Certificate or Certificate of Identity. 13.00
Passport Services for Indian Citizens
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