Miscellaneous services
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Consulate General of India, Geneva
Additions or amendments to existing Passport

Miscellaneous Services

These involve


- Change of present/permanent address, (Proof has to be submitted)

- Change of name on marriage,(Joint Photograph of Couple on Sworn Affidavit  )

- Inclusion/deletion of spouse’s name or  any other observation in the existing passport regarding the personal/passport particulars, including permanent address.

The requirements are:

  • Application form for misc. services ( Download Application Form for misc. services )

  • Passport

  • Two latest identical coloured photographs, size 5cmX5cms with light coloured background

  • Relevant documents (original plus one photocopy) in support of the required service

  • Fees

Additional endorsement or other miscellaneous service on ordinary passport.
CHF 27.00


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