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Importance Notice for visa applicants with effect from 27 June 2014


Consulate General of India, Geneva
Welcome to the official Website of the Consulate General of India in Geneva. The Consulate General of India in Geneva has jurisdiction over the French speaking Cantons of Switzerland viz. Geneva, Vaud, Valais and Neuchâtel.


"With effect from 21.07.2014 Visa or consular fees should not Rpt should not be deposited in the postal account (No.12-10232-9) of consulate general of India, Geneva as they will not be valid for services. All visa applicants are further advised to contact India Visa Application centre located at 70 Rue Du Lausanne 1202 Geneva or visit its website http://in.vfsglobal.ch/geneva or our website http://pmindiaun.org/ for details on submitting of visa applications and mode of payment of visa fees"


"Further, fee consular services like – Passport, OCI, PIO, Attestation, and Renunciation etc. should only be transferred online to UBS Account no. 240-401506.03D (IBAN NO. CH16 0024 0240 4015 0603 D) of Permanent Mission India, Geneva. It is clarified that any fee with effect from 21.07.2014 deposited in post office account of consulate general of India, Geneva would be non-refundable and no services would be rendered against such postal receipts."


The Consulate General of India is located at:
E Floor, 9, Rue du Valais,
CH-1202, Geneva.
Tel No. + 41 - 22 - 906 86 86
Fax No. + 41 - 22 - 906 86 76

Timings (for Consular Services)
  • Applications for all passport/consular/visa services are accepted between 9:15 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at the counter of Consulate General of India, Geneva, EFloor, 9, Rue du Valais,CH-1202, Geneva.
  • No application is received after 12:15 p.m., except in case of emergencies, such as death or illness in the family.
  • Passports and other documents, irrespective of date or time of submission, are delivered only between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on working days.
  • Indian visa application is accepted at – 70 Rue Due Lausanne, Geneva 1202. For details are column of visa services.
Current processing schedules for applications received at the Consulate General counter (for clear cases only).
  • Issue of passports                     : 3 - 4 weeks After confirmation of fee from Bank.
  • Payment of fee                         : Consular services fee is acceptable in UBS Account no. 240-401506.03D (IBAN NO. CH16 0024 0240 4015 0603 D)
  • Attestation services                  :  Two days (after confirmation of payment by bank)
  • OCI cards                               :  8 - 10 weeks after payment of fee
ONLY FORMS DOWNLOADED FROM THIS SITE OR OBTAINED FROM THE CONSULATE GENERAL OF INDIA, GENEVA WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR PROCESSING. Fees for all the services have been indicated in this site. Clarifications if any, should be sought directly from the Consulate General of India, Geneva.
Kindly note that passports and OCI Cards submitted in the Consulate General are processed in New Delhi and therefore takes time.
For certain categories of visa and for some nationalities prior approval is required from the concerned authorities in India and, therefore, some applications may take longer processing time.
Tourist Visa on Arrival in India - The nationals of Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand , Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar & Indonesia will be issued single entry Tourist Visa at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kochi airports in India valid for 30 days.
General Enquiries
For other general enquiries you may also visit website www.pmindiaun.org or please contact:

Consulate General of India, Geneva
E - Floor, 9, Rue du Valais,
CH-1202, Geneva.
Tel No. + 41 - 22 - 906 86 86
Fax No. + 41 - 22 - 906 86 76

All forms relating to services rendered by the Consulate General of India in Geneva are available in this website. Only forms downloaded from this website will be accepted for processing. This site also provides information regarding the fees for various services available in the Consulate General of India in Geneva.

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