Types of VISAS & DOCUMENTS Required along with VISA Apllication
Consulate General of India, Geneva



To apply for a visa to India kindly submit the following:

Signed application form (with all columns duly filled in).

Two 5 x 5 cm size colour photographs (in light background).

Original Passport with validity of at least six months (photocopies not accepted).

A photo copy of the return ticket or a confirmation letter from your travel agency.


For non-Swiss passport holders, proof of a copy of a valid Swiss Permit (B or C) be enclosed.

For business visa, a letter from your company and an invitation from India. (Refer documents required along with business visa application)

For Student Visa, adequate supporting documents. (Refer documents required along with visa application)

For attending Conferences, undertaking research and other purposes. (Refer Documents required along with visa application)

The original receipt from the post office in proof of payment of the visa fee (preferably separate receipt for each applicant) to be paid in  CCP No. 12-10232-9 in favour of Consulate General of India, Geneva. 
Photocopy of your Swiss Residence Permit if you are a foreigner

Note : Additional documents may be required depending on the type and duration of visa and may be checked under appropriate headings.


Confirmation letter from Airlines or Travel Agency that the passenger is holding return tickets or confirmed booking out of India to next destination.


Business introduction letter from the firm in Switzerland, which is sending the person to India giving the following details:

  • Designation/Status of the applicant in the firm.
  • Nature of Business in India.
  • Name and address of the receiving company in India along with names of responsible persons in the Indian Company.
  • In case the applicant is visiting offices of Central/State Governments,  details of the same.
Letter of invitation from receiving company in India.
Holders of Business Visa are not authorised to take up employment in India.


Letter from the management of the College / Institution / University / Ashram recognised by the Government of India intimating that the applicant has been admitted in their institution for a specific course, indicating duration of the course. Application for Student visas should be accompanied by evidence of financial support available for completing studies in India. The applicants are advised to contact the Consulate General before applying for visa and paying the visa fees.


Applicants for Conference Visa are required to provide the following documents :

  • Invitation Letter from the Organizer.
  • Event Clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Administrative approval of the Nodal Ministry.
  • Political Clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Clearance from the State Government / UT concerned.
In case of certain nationals clearance is required to be obtained from the concerned authorities before issuance of Conference Visas, which could take time.
Conference Visa Applicants are therefore required to submit their applications at least two months prior to their departure.


Application for visas for studying Yoga, Music, Dance, Religion, Culture, etc. should be accompanied by letter of admission from a  Government of India recognised institution.


Certain visas may need approval from Government of India and such cases will take about 3 months or more, depending on procedures. Research, Student, Journalist and Conference visas are some that fall in this category. Appropriate documents in proof of research / studies / journalism / participation in conference etc. are required to be submitted with the application. Applicants are requested to make payment for visas only after checking with the Consulate General in the above mentioned cases.



Vaccination against Yellow fever is necessary, if, on the way to India, the visitor travels through any Yellow fever infected area.

If you need any further information / clarification, please contact the Consulate General of India, Geneva.

NOTE: The above instructions are for regular passport holders only. Holders of Travel Document / Identity Certificate, etc. should contact the Consulate General for guidance.

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