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Passport for a child/minor

Children’s name can no longer be entered in their parents passports.  They have to be issued a separate passport.  Passports to children are issued for a maximum validity of 5 years from the date of issue or till 15 years of age, whichever is less.

(A)    For issue of a passport for the first time to a child born in Switzerland.

The child has to be registered with the Consulate General within one year of birth (with required payment of fees). For registration procedure, please refer to Consular Services section of this website.


The requirements for issue of a passport are: 

  • Hard copy of the application form has to be submitted with all columns duly filled in.

  • Four, latest, identical coloured photographs (5cmX5cm with light coloured background).

  • Birth certificate (original/full version) (with a photocopy)

  • Passports of both parents (with a photocopy each including valid visa pages)

  • Statutory declaration from both parents
    ( Download Statutory declaration Form )
    ( In case one of the parents is not in Switzerland or in case of a single parent, the prescribed Affidavit Form duly filled in and notarised has to be filed with the Consulate General)

    ( Download Affidavit Form)

  • Fees

Ordinary Passport with 5 years validity (36 pages).
  CHF 49.00


(B)    Subsequent issue of a passport (up to 15 years of age)

Ordinary Passport with 5 years validity (36 pages).
  CHF 49.00


Registration of birth of children eligible for Indian nationality
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