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Consulate General of India, Geneva

A. The following documents (self attested) must be attached with each application
1. Affix 4 recent photographs (should not be more than 6 months old) of size   5 x 5 cm in the box provided in the application forms properly and two additional photographs of the same size. (The photographs should have a light color background (not white) without border with front view of person’s head and shoulders showing full face in the middle of the photograph).
2. Proof of citizenship
3. Evidence of Indian origin for self or parents or grand parents.
4. Original of “No Criminal Record Certificate” issued by the Federal Office of Justice.
5. Signature is to be put in the centre of the signature box as provided in the form without touching the border. The size of the signature should be 4.5 cm by 1.3 cm.

- Evidence of relationship of parent/grandparent, if their Indian origin is claimed as basis for grant of Overseas Citizenship of India.
- In case of PIO card holders, Registration Certificate shall be issued after surrendering their PIO Card.
- The Embassy will issue the OCI Registration Certificate in the form of a booklet to eligible applicant(s) and ‘U Visa’ sticker will be pasted on the foreign passport.

B. Payment to be paid in the UBS AC No: 0240 - 401506.03D Through online bank transfer only, Bank charges to be borne by applicant/ other mode of payments are not acceptable. Service would be rendered after confirmation to be borne by applicant.
- Each applicant for registration as OCI has to pay a fee of CHF 367.
- PIO Card holders can also apply for OCI on the payment of the fee of CHF 37.00.
Loss or damged OCI card - CHF 137.00
C. Benefits for the Persons registered as OCI on “U” Visa:
- Special counters at the immigration check posts for speedy clearance.
- Life long multiple entry visa for India to any length of stay.
- No separate visa will be required for (a) tourism (b) student seeking admission in colleges/institutions (c) business & (d) employment, etc.
- Exemption from registration with local FRRO/FRO irrespective of duration of stay in India; and Parity with NRIs in economic, financial and educational fields except in matters relating to acquisition of agricultural/ plantation properties.
D. Visit to Restricted/Protected Area: The grant of ‘U’ visa does not entitle the visa holder to visit a restricted/protected area. Visits to such areas shall continue to be governed by the instructions in this regard issued from time to time by the Government of India. Prior permission of the competent authority should be obtained for visiting a restricted/protected area.  
E. Undertaking of Missionary work/Mountaineering/Research work:
The grant of ‘U’ visa does not entitle the visa holder to undertake any missionary work/mountaineering and research work, without the prior permission of the Government of India in accordance with the instructions issued from time to time.
F. OCI Miscellaneous Services for registered OCIs: Government of India has launched OCI Miscellaneous Services with effect from 1st January, 2008. These services are available to those who have already been registered as OCIs.  
G. Filing Applications: For obtaining OCI Card the application which is available in the website http://www.mha.nic.in/ should be filled in online. A hard copy of the filled in application should be submitted along with the fees and required documents to the Consulate General of India, Geneva.  
To apply for OCI Miscellaneous Service apply online at http://mha.nic.in/uniquepage.asp?Id_Pk=553

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