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"PIO Card holders are advised to get their card replaced by OCI card. Valid PIO Card holders, staying in the jurisdictional area of the Consulate General of India, Geneva are advised to visit our website www.pmindiaun.org and go to OCI link or may visit web site http://www.mha.nic.in directly to fill-up the form for registration of OCI card in place of PIO Card, without any registration fee. Properly filled up form may be deposited with CGI, Geneva with CHF 2/- as Consular surcharge. On line payment should be made in Permanent Mission of India account no. 0240-401506.03D (IBAN No. CH160024024040150603D).


1. Vide Gazette Notification dated 09.01.2015, all PIO Cards issued till 09.01.2015 are deemed to be OCI card as PIO Card Scheme has been withdrawn.


2. Application for conversion of PIO card into OCI card would only be accepted at the place from where PIO card had been issued.

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