58th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner Programme (17-18 September 2013)



58th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme (17-18 September 2013)

Statement of India


Madam Chair,

1.       At the outset my delegation would like to convey its deep appreciation to you for guiding the proceedings of the Executive Committee of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in a sagacious manner.


2.       We have taken note of the first written report of the Independent Audit and Oversight Committee (IAOC) 2012-2013. The report has recommended the creation of two operational units –

                     (i) an internal audit unit, and

                     (ii) an investigating unit. We see merit in establishing a unified internal oversight service with distinct audit and investigation components. It is equally important that such units are headed by qualified and experienced personnel, and that they function on the basis of well recognized international practices. 


3.       We thank the External Auditors for their incise observations on various financial and other related aspects of UNHCR activities. We are confident that UNHCR will closely implement various recommendations, and where there are constraints in implementing any recommendation, it should be brought to the attention of members. While we have the benefit of interacting with the members of the IAOC at formal and informal occasions, as well as the recommendations made by the External Auditors, there should be a formal occasion for the External Auditors to interact with the members of the Executive Committee either at the Standing Committee meetings or at the ExCom meeting. Such an interactive dialogue with External Auditors, as it is widely practiced in other UN bodies, would benefit members to examine the reviews presented by them from time to time.





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