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312th Session of the Governing Body of International Labour Organization
(November 2011)

Statement by delegate of India regarding observance by the Government of Myanmar of the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize, Convention No. 87

Mr. Chairman,,


1.       We welcome the efforts of the Government of Myanmar to undertake necessary  legislative reforms in connection with ILO Convention No. 87.  We further note that the President of Myanmar has signed the  Labour Organizations Law in October 2011, thereby repealing the Trade Union Act of 1926.  We are informed that the new Law will allow workers in Myanmar to form labour organizations in the country and will promote their  related  labour rights.  We also acknowledge the  useful technical assistance provided by ILO to the Government of Myanmar in the drafting process relating to this new legislation.  We have also been made aware of the legislative Bill on Peaceful Assembly and procession relating to the Right to Freedom  of Association that is currently undergoing  Parliamentary scrutiny.


2.       We   regard these steps as progressive indicating the commitment of the Government of Myanmar to address the issues arising out of the Freedom of Association, Convention No. 87.  We further encourage a climate of dialogue that facilitates constructive cooperation between Myanmar and the ILO with regard to Convention No. 87.



Thank you, Mr. Chairman.






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