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312th Session of the Governing Body of International Labour Organization
(November 2011)

Statement by delegate of India on Agenda item concerning alleged complaint under Article 26 of ILO regarding violations by Bahrain of its obligations under Convention 111 on Discrimination (Employment and Occupation)


 1.       We thank the Delegation of the Kingdom of Bahrain for the comprehensive information that they have provided relating to  the discussions concerning  obligations of Bahrain under Convention 111 on Discrimination (Employment and Occupation).


2.       We have noted that pursuant to the developments after the recent events in Bahrain in February/March 2011, the Kingdom of Bahrain has initiated a number of measures to address the  consequences of the actions undertaken then.  The Kingdom of Bahrain made efforts to establish  public safety and order while respecting the rights and safety of the civilian population.  The Government has initiated measures for reform and democratization that seek the full participation of its countrymen and promote consensus building.  We are also aware that the Kingdom of Bahrain will complete all civil servants disciplinary reviews with a view to addressing the concerns of its  civil servants.  The establishment of a Committee under the Office of the Prime Minister and chaired by  the Minister of Labour to review  worker dismissals in the private sector in order to ensure  compliance with the Labour Code is also an important step to address worker grievances.  We have also noted the independent Commission of Inquiry established by the Kingdom of Bahrain in June 2011 to review the  events and actions relating to the political developments in Bahrain including the issue of workers dismissals , is a welcome move to ensure legitimacy and openness while   reviewing the concerned events.


3.       The Government of India is   firmly of the view that all countries should respect the rights of workers and encourage committed to the respect of workers’ rights and always encourages a climate of trust and constructive consultations in order to address them. We would like to encourage the Kingdom of Bahrain to continue to foster a climate of trust and fairness while dealing with the issues arising out of Convention 111.






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