316th Session of the Governing Body of International Labour Organization (1-16 November 2012)


316th Session of the Governing Body of International Labour Organization
(1-16 November 2012)

Statement by delegate of India on Agenda item concerning alleged complaint under Article 26 of  ILO regarding violations by Bahrain of its obligations under Convention 111 on Discrimination (Employment and Occupation)



1.       We thank the Delegation of the Kingdom of Bahrain for the comprehensive information that they have provided relating to the discussions concerning  obligations of Bahrain under Convention 111 on Discrimination (Employment and Occupation).


2.       We have noted that  the Kingdom of Bahrain has initiated a number of measures to address the issue  of workers dismissed in the spring of 2011. The signing of a Tripartite Agreement in March 2012, with the support of the ILO itself, between the Government of Bahrain, the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU) and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a welcome development.  Since March this year, the Government of Bahrain has reviewed all  the cases brought forward by the GFBTU and has resolved  most of the these cases.  India notes with satisfaction that to this end, around 5000 Bahraini workers who were put under suspension or were dismissed, about 98  per cent of  these workers have been either reinstated, re-employed  or have been given bona fide offers for  resolution of their contentions.  My delegation also notes that those  small number of cases which are yet to be resolved are either  to be addressed by the courts or pertain to  small and medium enterprises where the Government can do little to exercise influence  with a view to provide adequate relief to the workers.    We are also encouraged by the progress made by the Kingdom of Bahrain in implementing the recommendations of the  Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry.    


3.       These are indeed encouraging developments in the direction of amicably resolving the issue. The Government of India is of the view that all countries must respect the rights of workers and encourage a climate of trust and constructive consultations in order to address them.      


4.       In view of the substantial progress and continued dedicated efforts by the Kingdom of Bahrain,  the Indian delegation requests the Office to take necessary measures to provide all the technical assistance to the tripartite constituents and to take measures to promote a climate of genuine industrial relations.




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