Ambassador / PR
Ambassador / Permanent Representative
Sujata Mehta

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of India
to the Conference on Disarmament : September, 2011


Joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1980
Educational qualifications Master of Philosophy in Political Science
Personal Information Single
Date of birth March 30, 1957
Foreign Languages English
  Russian (Limited)
Earlier Positions:    
Third Secretary Moscow August 1982-February 1984
Second Secretary Dhaka April 1984-August 1985
Under Secretary New Delhi     August 1985-August 1989

Ministry of External Affairs

First Secretary
Permanent Mission of India to the UN
New York August 1989-September 1992
Deputy Secretary/Director, Prime Minister's Office New Delhi September 1992-August 1997
Deputation to the United Nations Gaza /
New York
August 1997-September 2003
Joint Secretary
Ministry of External Affairs
New Delhi October 2003-June 2004
Joint Secretary
Prime Minister's Office
New Delhi July 2004-November 2007
Ambassador of India in Spain November 2007 – August 2011
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